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Why To Choose A Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

We are specialized catastrophic injury attorneys, always ready to help. Many people, most of them workers, come to us seeking legal representation to claim compensation.

During more than 40 years of legal practice in Ontario, we have protected the rights of victims and their families. We fought alongside the client and won cases that seemed impossible. That's because we understand and know how to apply personal injury law.

We know that these devastating events radically change the way of life, work, relationship and enjoyment of people. Catastrophic injury victims and their families must face dramatic moments as medical bills mount.

Our accident lawyers always make sure the client has peace of mind while fighting for their well-being. The benefits of hiring a qualified attorney are many to you. Call now for a free consultation and we will gladly try to answer all your questions.

The best catastrophic injury attorneys in Ontario

These types of injuries can only be overcome with permanent medical help and sufficient and expert legal representation. Victims need to recover physical, emotional and financial damages through civil claims or lawsuits. But they must also make sure that they receive the best possible medical treatment to heal or at least improve their physical condition.

If you need help filing a catastrophic injury claim or lawsuit, we are a very efficient team. We can help you with everything you need to cope with, from handling your claim to finding a medical provider.

Our Ontario workplace accident and catastrophic injury attorneys are highly reputable professionals in the legal arena. Not for nothing are we considered the best catastrophic injury lawyers in Los Angeles by the number of cases won.

This record of success makes us proud and is committed to continuing to serve our clients honestly, promptly and efficiently. The Latino and immigrant community prefer us because we are bilingual lawyers and we fully understand their problems. We always seek customer satisfaction, achieving the best possible compensation in accordance with the law.

What is considered a catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries, as the name implies, are dire and traumatizing, because they cause permanent damage. They are called catastrophic because they totally affect people's lives. From his physical appearance and mental capacity, to the movement.

Auto accidents, workplace accidents, and medical malpractice are the leading causes of catastrophic injuries. Facing an injury as painful as this represents a real challenge for the victim and his family. Due to the expensive medical treatments and the great limitations that people can have after the accident.

A catastrophic injury is a severe injury that can compromise movement, vision, hearing, communication, and perception. They are permanent damages that affect the victims and their loved ones, because they cannot fend for themselves.

Catastrophic injuries typically require costly surgery and lengthy medical treatment. One of the worst consequences of these injuries is the high cost it represents for people. We refer to the affectation from the emotional, physical and financial point of view.

This generates great tension and concern in the family environment and in those close to the victim. After a catastrophic injury, these people need constant support and care from their family, whose lives are also irretrievably changed.

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